Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    Blockchain - what and why
    TradeLens - digitizing the global supply chain
    Circulor - Traceability-as-a-service
    Overview of The Guide & Workbook
  2. Permissionless vs. Permissioned Blockhains
    Bitcoin and other permissionless blockchains
    Permissioned blockchains
    Digital accounting transactions - from AIS to blockchain
    Participants and permissions
    A couple of operational questions
  3. Blockhain Business Model in Hyperledger
    Introduction to the Hyperledger platform
    The business model
    Instantiating the business model
    The role of the RDW blockchain's initial smart contract
    The rest of the business model
  4. Business Blockhains as Emerging Technology
    Financial services and blockchain
    Blockchain initiatives in accounting and auditing
    Blockchains in business
    Accountants, auditors, and the blockchain in business future